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Revlon Lip Butters: 3 New Shades!

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Hey everyone!
So as you all know, i love and adore Revlon lip butters and did a little jig when i heard they were releasing three new colours, i did an even bigger jig when they popped on through my letterbox. OH YES!
Here's some pictures...
Revlon Lip Butters: 3 New Shades!
From left to right it's 020 brown sugar, 085 sugar plum and 040 red velvet. My favorite one is red velvet because i was in dyer need of a red buttery balmy thingy. However, i also love the other two aswell! these amazing little wonders last aaages and are super creamy, meaning my lips dont feel all chapped and whatnot when i put them on. Yeehaw.
Here's a swatch!
Revlon Lip Butters: 3 New Shades!
The top one is Sugar plum, middle is brown sugar and bottom one is red velvet.
To buy these lovelies, go to
I also happen to know that they're releasing some summer ones too but ssshhh...

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