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Revision Playlist

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Revision Playlist
I'm sure you've all noticed that my posts have been becoming a little sparse recently, sorry! It's just that I have exams in a week and I have been trying to revise for them and spend a little less time on the internet. 
If you anything like me, you probably find it hard to focus on hours of revision without your attention wandering and finding yourself easily distracted by the simplest of things. I find music really helps with this, and I have found a playlist with 7+ hours of music that helps with revision.
I'm sure this won't be to everyone's taste, I would say that it fits into the indie/alternative genre, so if you don't like that style of music then it is probably not for you. I would still recommend that you try listening to it though, because it is very relaxing and sets the perfect move for revision.
Link to playlist HERE
Tell me if you have listen! Did it help? 

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