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By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
I was recently contacted by Groupon to write a review for them. I had heard about Groupon  but I had never purchased anything from them before.
Once I registered to their website, I started receiving emails about their deals. About a week later,I came across a great deal that I thought would make my husband very happy : a technical online training programme. My husband checked out the details and said he would love it. So I purchased it adding some more money to the voucher given to me in exchange of this review. Once we received everything from the seller company, my husband realized the advertisement was somewhat misleading. There was a mention of hands on lab exercises on the ad however this was not supplied. When asked, we were told we had to pay an extra money for this. When we wanted to return it, neither of the companies would accept it.
 As there are two companies involved, things get a bit tricky. So I suggest you to buy things that you know you will be 100% happy.

Disclosure:I received a voucher in exchange of this review. All opinion my own.
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