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[Review:Drinks] Cozy Cup's Wintermelon with Konjac Jelly (100% Sweet)

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Gilnambatac @gilnambatac

[Review:Drinks] Cozy Cup's Wintermelon with Konjac Jelly (100% Sweet)

Logo of Cozy Cup Iligan

I was a little bit intrigued about the newest (and I think the very first) milk tea shop in Iligan. It's name is Cozy Cup. Honestly, yesterday was the first time when I tasted a milk tea and Cozy Cup's Wintermelon, as they say their best seller, was my first. In this post I will give you a sort of review to their best selling and affordable milk tea and if it's worth buying.
Cozy Cup's Wintermelon, with Konjac Jelly, milk tea's taste fascinates me a lot. But before dealing with it's taste, I would like first describe how this Wintermelon looks like (sorry if I haven't taken a picture of it). It is a pale pink cold drink with a red and yellow jelly in it (it's the Konjac Jelly) and a little bit of ice cubes. 
It has a nice and soothing effect on me. It tastes nice and the sweetness is quite fine too in spite of the fact that it's already in it's sweetest. As so try to get the taste of it (especially if it's your first time to drink a milk tea too), you gonna enjoy the twist of it's taste. Over-all, it's taste is delicious enough.
I might not recommend a lesser level of sweetness if you will be buying Wintermelon but still I will figure out if there's a significant change of it's taste. 
I would like also to see Cozy Cup's plastic glass a little bit stylish. Their's is only a plain plastic glass with a few personalize scribblings with your name in it written using a color green marker. For me, it's not enough. I think having a very stylish and cute looking glass (to match the cuteness of their logo) can make more customers buy their milk teas. It seems to be the "cute" motif is their style of branding. According to, branding is a marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. If Cozy Cup will work on branding their milk teas through the presentation of their glasses, they will create a name in Iligan. I am looking forward to it.
Cozy Cup's Wintermelon with Konjac Jelly is a must-try.
Cozy Cup
Door 3, Chelina Arcade
Tibanga, Iligan City near Elena Tower Inn
Contact #: 0917-724-0786
[Review:Drinks] Cozy Cup's Wintermelon with Konjac Jelly (100% Sweet)

IRTI Food and Drinks Over-all Rating: 8/10

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