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Review - Sattva: Energetically Encoded Music for Activating Shakti

By Nadine
iAwake Technologies sent me this for review: Sattva: Energetically Encoded Music for Activating Shakti
What is it?
I think of it as Music Plus. On the surface it is some nice soothing music without lyrics. However, what you can't hear is the key. Using "neural and biofield entrainment technology" the music is designed to "evoke a pure, sattvic field of deep relaxation, peace, mental clarity, joy and somatic balance."
How did I use it?
I listened to the music in two situations. During my morning meditations and while riding the bus. I wanted to see what I thought of it in some different situations.
What did I think?
For starters, I'm not a background music type of person. I don't play music during my Yoga practice or during my meditation practice (unless it's mantra meditation). When I listen to music, it is my popular music playlist for specific scenarios (walking, boxing, etc). But, having said that, I enjoyed the general music.
During my meditation, I found the music mildly distracting (as I find any music); however, at the same time it gave me something to focus on if my mind did wander. It helped lead me back to my breath quicker than usual. However, in the long run, I don't really like having music on while I meditate.
On the bus, it wasn't my favorite. If I want to listen to music on the bus I tend to use my music for mantra meditation. The Sattva music wasn't objectionable, but it also wasn't really noticeable because of the noise of the bus.
So far I've talked about the music itself, because it is hard to review the actual intent of the music. In such a short time (1 week) it was hard to tell whether any more peace brought into my life was the result of the music or other practices (or more likely, a combination).
But, I believe in this technology. And I believe in the power of intention. And (also important), I think it's nice music. So, I am going to try and find somewhere to incorporate this into my day where it fits well. And I think that, in the long term, it will help me on my spiritual path.

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