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Review: Peanut Hottie - a Peanut Butter Hot Drink!

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Review: Peanut Hottie - a Peanut Butter Hot Drink!
Peanut butter as a flavor has become something of a phenomenon in the UK in recent times, there's not many food products that it hasn't been added to from biscuits to ice cream. But one version of peanut butter I hadn't expected to see, is a peanut butter hot drink! Still, it sounds like a brilliant idea to me and luckily the lovely people at Peanut Hottie sent me a jar to try. 
This instant hot beverage is made in the UK using American peanuts, and contains no artificial additives or colours, is caffeine free, and is suitable for vegetarians - plus is has only 83 calories per cup.
Review: Peanut Hottie - a Peanut Butter Hot Drink!
As soon as I opened up the jar I knew I was in for a real peanut buttery treat! The scent is immediately of a rich peanut butter, and I couldn't wait to experience how this would taste as a hot beverage.
Review: Peanut Hottie - a Peanut Butter Hot Drink!
The instructions suggest using 4-5 lovingly heaped teaspoons per mug - or even more depending on the peanut butter craving - and then simply adding boiled water. I added four teaspoons at first, but then added a couple more for extra intensity. I wasn't sure what to expect from the Peanut Hottie, but honestly I completely love this drink. It's very sweet, with an almost caramel flavor at first, which then builds to a smooth peanut flavor. Even though I made mine with water it still has a creamy and satisfying taste. I've been mostly enjoying Peanut Hottie as an evening drink, but the sweetness means it also works perfectly as an afternoon pick-me-up.
The jar states, "you'll wonder how you ever managed without me", and I would completely agree with that sentiment - I'm hooked!
Grocery Gems Verdict: Peanut Hottie
RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes :)
Nutrition per pot: 83 calories per cup
Purchased: Available at Sainsbury's. 
Price: £2.99.

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