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Review of the Year - Part Three

By Sue15cat
Review of the Year - Part Three
July was the month a certain little madam arrived in a whirlwind of puppy energy.  She brought out the softer side of Rosy, the motherly side of Suky and the 'oh bl**dy hell not another dog' side of Ginger.
She was a lovely surprise gift to me from Lovely Hubby .... although if I'm totally honest that's not what I say when she empties the kindling basket all over the living room rug and has a good chewing session  ;-) 
Review of the Year - Part Three
August saw us planting fruit bushes, admiring the fruit growing on our already planted fruit trees and generally putting up fences and lining pathways with lots of lovely free wood chippings delivered to us by the guys cutting down trees around power lines in the area.
It saw lots of changes around the place including the polytunnel frames going up  and we discovered just how self sufficient we could be in the future with fruit and with nuts growing around the place when we discovered Cob Nuts growing in the hedgerows in a few places on our land.
Review of the Year - Part Three
September started with a really big shock.  On the first Monday morning of September a phone call came to say that Mavis hand been handed in to a vets in Peterborough.  I grabbed my bag and keys and hit the road to bring her home.  To read the full story click on the word September under the photo of her and you will be taken to the post in question.
To have her back with us has been hard work and chaotic at times.  Nursing a badly treated and delicate dog back to health at the same time as having a lively puppy in the house has been possibly one of the hardest things I have had to cope with this year ... but we have survived and I would not have it any other way.  Our family is once again complete.
(All the photos have links to the blog posts they are taken from.)
The final review will be tomorrow and then I will have to start thinking about the New Year and it's promises still to come.
Sue xx

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