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Review: MAC's 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural'

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie

Review: MAC's 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural'

MAC Cosmetics - Mineralize Skinfish Natural // £21

This is my first review of a MAC product, check me out! If you didn't see, in January I had my first 'MAC experience' - I was excited to finally purchase some MAC make-up as I'd heard so much about the prestigious brand and their products. I picked up the 'Mineralize Foundation' (review soon) and this little beauty, the 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural' powder. I got matched to the shade 'Light Plus', which I think is a tad light for me, but hey, I have to start embracing my natural paleness sometime soon. As you can probably tell by the state of my product, it's been well loved since I bought it, and here's why...
MAC promise that this product will create a 'dimensional yet natural-matte finish' and that's exactly what it does. When used on top of my foundation, the powder reduces any unwanted shine and creates a flawless, and indeed, 'natural-matte' finish on my skin. However, the product doesn't reduce the glow of your foundation, so you'll still look as fresh as ever! I must note that I have particularly dry skin, and the powder doesn't exaggerate any dry patches I may have when I use a good foundation. I understand how difficult it is to achieve a good base when you have really dry skin, so it's great to use a product that doesn't amplify those pesky imperfections. I've worked full days wearing this product and my make-up has never 'stayed' so well, the lasting power is excellent.
Not only is the product brilliant for setting your base, but it's ideal for those days when you don't want a full coverage foundation but you still want to look 'put together'. As it's a 'low coverage' powder, dusting it all over my face gives the perfect 'natural' makeup-no-makeup vibe that I go for on those relaxed days. The powder doesn't tend to cover imperfections, so I still have to apply little dabs of concealer on my dark circles and blemishes. But seems as though I'm finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable about wearing less make-up, it's definitely been a go-to product recently! The only downfall in my opinion is the fact there's no mirror, it would make it a lot more travel friendly if they included one in the compact! Overall Rating - 9/10
 Here's me wearing only concealer, powder, mascara and a little bit of blush!
Review: MAC's 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural'
PLEASE excuse my hair, I'm going through a 'need to grow all my color out' phase. I'm just sick of dying it so it's currently about 10 different shades of brown and ginger hence why I always wear it in a bun.
Have you used this product, or anything similar? What do you wear on your 'lazy makeup days'? Let me know, thanks for reading!
Megan xxx
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