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Review || La Roche-Posey Iso-Urea Lait*

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Review || La Roche-Posey Iso-Urea Lait* This is the La Roche-Posey Iso-Urea Lait*. It is bit more of a pricey moisturiser but buoy is it worth the price!
Review || La Roche-Posey Iso-Urea Lait*It is the silkiest most milky moisturiser I have ever come across. It feels so good on the skin and is mega moisturising. It is really thin and silky and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and sticky. It sinks into the skin really quick and so you can apply it and a couple of minutes BOOM! Soft skin with no residue from the cream.
Review || La Roche-Posey Iso-Urea Lait*oooh...disappeared! When you apply it, it goes clear and it doesn't make your skin look white. It is so good and I am going to have to and get another one because mines is running out..No :( !!
I can really bad dry skin with a bit of eczema and I have found this to work wonders on it. My arms and legs feel so soft and juicy!!
Laura x

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