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Review for Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

By Lauryn April @LaurynApril

Review for Sweet Peril by Wendy HigginsSuspenseful, Captivating, and Steamy.
5 Stars. Anna has grown up so much by this book. I really enjoyed seeing her deal with more adult situations and the conflicts she faced with “working” and trying to hold on to her own morals. I also really liked getting to meet some of the other Nephs, and getting to see more of the ones we already know
The danger has been kicked up a notch in this book. There were more than a few moments that had me truly scared for Anna and her friends. Again I feel this book is building for a bigger battle, and am excited to read the next installment.
I was nervous about there being a love triangle in this book, as I’m not a huge fan of them. I was glad that while Anna contemplates a relationship with Kope, there’s no point where Kaidan is forgotten. I think Higgins did a good job of balancing these three characters.
As with the first book the scenes with Anna and Kaidan together were my favorites. Their relationship is pretty much back at square one at the beginning of this book. They simply can’t be together. As the story progresses it’s obvious that despite the distance between them Anna and Kaidan can’t forget one another. They’re given mere scraps of one another’s attention and affection as they’re forced to stay apart. But, their relationship does eventually take a huge turn for the better. Their time together is once again bittersweet as they still have danger and obstacles ahead of them, but this book ends with a little more hope than the last.
I highly recommend this series and cannot wait for Sweet Reckoning. 
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