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Review: Cornetto Vanilla Shake Ice Cream Cone

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Review: Cornetto Vanilla Shake Ice Cream Cone
The Cornetto Vanilla Shake ice cream cone is part of the Enigma range and I believe this one was first released last year alongside the Cornetto Cheesecake Glory. Despite that, yesterday was the first time I've ever spotted one instore (in a local newsagent) and I've still never seen them available as multipacks. Let me know if you've spotted them!
Review: Cornetto Vanilla Shake Ice Cream Cone
The ice cream itself has a classic Cornetto appearance - with it's swirled chocolate coating and nut pieces on top. The flavor is also quite similar to a regular vanilla and chocolate Cornetto Classico, but with a few changes (and an extra tall peak too). There are caramelised almond pieces on top, instead of the usual hazelnut pieces, which add a flavourful initial crunch. The ice cream is described as "Madagascan vanilla" and it does have a much sweeter and richer vanilla flavor than the Classico version.
Review: Cornetto Vanilla Shake Ice Cream Cone
As with the rest of the Cornetto Enigma range, there is a core of chocolate sauce that runs all the way through the cone. I was quite surprised to find that the core in this Cornetto Vanilla Shake is a dark chocolate, but it's still rich and sweet enough to complement the vanilla ice cream. Overall, it's definitely an ice cream that's worth a try - if you can find it!
Grocery Gems Review: Cornetto Vanilla Shake

Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition: 160 calories per cone.
Purchased: Local newsagent.
Price: £1.60 (for one cone!).

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