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Review: Bounty Coconut Spread

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Review: Bounty Coconut Spread
A very quick review of the new Bounty Spread. Thank you to @eveningtreats who let me know about this one a few weeks ago. My initial thought was that it looked very similar to the extremely popular, and often hard to find, Lidl Deluxe Coconut Spread
Review: Bounty Coconut Spread
My first tasting confirms that it's a very similar flavor with the same type of Milk Spread base and added bits of coconut flakes. As I described in my original Lidl spread review it tastes a bit like the super sweet and creamy filling from a Kinder Bueno combined with a fairly natural tasting coconut flavor (which is only found in the added coconut flakes rather than in the milk base itself). 
Whilst this was fine for the Lidl spread, I don't think it fits the 'Bounty' theme at all. I'm not actually a fan of the Bounty chocolate bar - I find the coconut flavor in those far too artificial and cloying. However I'm sure that a stronger coconut flavor of that type would be expected in this spread. Also - where's the chocolate? Wouldn't a milk chocolate based spread (rather than this plain milk one) be a better fit with the Bounty branding? 
It's interesting to note that the ingredients also look the same compared to those that I listed in my Lidl spread review, although the Bounty Spread lists rapeseed oil rather than vegetable oil (which I believe is still be the same thing). 
Grocery Gems Review:
RATING7 out of 10 (it's just not Bounty enough!).
Buy them again?: Yes.
 117 calories per 20g.

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