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Review // Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion

By Anamikadbn @Anamikadbn
Review // Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin LotionToday I am going to review Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Skin Lotion from Palsons Derma. This is a medicated skin care lotion.  
Product Claims:
Specifically NMF Skin Lotion formulated to hydrate Dry and Sensitive Skin. It is also helps in healing of damaged skin associated with common skin conditions. It Prevents sun-induced skin damage and Helps in skin rejuvenation.
Aloe Vera extract 10%, Vitamin E Acetate 0.5%, Water, Light Liquid Paraffin, Glycerin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Stearic Acid, Cetomacrogol (1000), Simethicone, Methyl Paraben, Triethanolamine, Propyl Paraben, Edetate Disodium
Directions for Use:

Apply at least twice daily to all skin areas requiring special attention. Also specially recommended for use after washing / bathing
Review // Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin LotionExperience:This Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF lotion comes in a simple flat type plastic bottle with a sturdy flip cap which is green in color. This packing is quite travel friendly. It has a soft, runny consistency.Review // Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion
I have been using this NMF  skin lotion since 2-3 years.  I use it on my face as well as dry parts of body mainly elbows, knees and ankles areas.  Usually I apply this lotion after shower and some time at night. I really love the  texture of the lotion. It feels very light and quickly gets absorbed into my skin. It doesn't feel sticky. When I apply the lotion on the skin it gives a very cooling and refreshing feeling. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion works very nicely.  It moisturizes my skin and provides a soft hydrated skin for 6 to 7 hours. This is a good lotion for the summer with soothing and refreshing smell. 

The same lotion I am using for my baby boy. His skin is to much sensitive. Some redness and rashes were seen on his body When it was too hot. Then my father (he is a pediatrician) suggest me this lotion for him. Over the past three months I've been using it for his. The lotion has suits my baby. It hides the sings of dryness or patchiness of his skin. As well as the this lotion prevents his skin rashes and redness. I think regular uses of the lotion repair his skin texture nicely. 

I am using a 50 ml sample size product which goes for 2 month for both.  Actually I think after shower is the best time to apply any lotion or moisturizer when skin is damp and you required very tiny amount of product. Anyways in market 100 ml and 200 ml size are available which cost 160 Rs and 230 Rs. 
Pros of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion:
  1. It provides a soft hydrated skin for  6 to 7 hours
  2. It has a light cooling effect 
  3. It works for me on my itching and irritation skin
  4. Easy spreadability, non-sticky & non-greasy
  5. It can be used for your baby's skin
  6. Works on skin redness and rashes  
  7. Does not cause stickiness 
  8. Does not cause any side effect on skin 
Cons of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion:
  1. There is no mention of SPF
  2. This product might not be an ideal product for oily skin in Summer
  3. Contains Paraben

Overall, this is a good lotion for the summer those who have normal, dry and sensitive skin. It contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Vitamin E help to relieves from skin irritation and Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that moisturizes and softens the skin. These two provide a quick relief against dry skin problems and helps in maintain the smoothness and natural moisturizer of skin. 
BALM Rating : 4.5/5
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