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Review & a Recipe - Giraffe's Heid Cocktail

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
I popped back along to Giraffe on West Regent Street on Friday after work last week with my colleague to try out the new cocktail launch, Giraffe's Heid.
I do love cocktails, but to be honest I'm not normally one to try new ones all that often as I tend to stick to what I know and like. There have been too many times that I've been disappointed.
However I thought I would give it a whirl... who's going to pass up a cocktail review, am I right?
Giraffe's Heid is a Scottish Classic with a Giraffe twist of Bulleit Bourbon mixed with Rose Syrup for essence topped up with Ginger Ale to give it a kick and finished with a stylish Lemon Twist.

Review & a Recipe - Giraffe's Heid CocktailRecipe:
1. Add 10 mL of Rose Syrup and a dash of Lemon Juice (5 mL) to your rocks glass.
2. Add 2 ice cubes and 25 mL of Bourbon and stir for 5 seconds
3. Add 25 mL of Bourbon and stir for 5 seconds
4. Fill up with ice
5. Top up with Ginger Ale leaving a window
6. Add a long Lemon Twist and serve
I was pleasantly surprised as the cocktail was easy to drink and didn't taste too alcoholic. I normally prefer a longer cocktail you see! I do love Ginger Ale, so this was right up my street although Bourbon wouldn't be my spirit of choice.
We also tried Ja'makin' Me Merry (my favourite) and Chocolate Christmas Luxe. Both were tasty... although I'm not a huge coffee fan so I found the coffee chocolatey dessert one a bit overpowering for me.
Review & a Recipe - Giraffe's Heid Cocktail
Review & a Recipe - Giraffe's Heid Cocktail
Review & a Recipe - Giraffe's Heid Cocktail
I wouldn't immediately think of going to Giraffe for cocktails, but I certainly will go back. We had a bite to eat whilst we were there and the food was delicious. It would make a great location for a work night out or a get together with friends as it's such a large spacious venue.
Big thumbs up from us!
We received some free cocktails in exchange for this review. Opinions as always are honest and are my own.

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