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Revenge's Return: Homecoming Recap

Posted on the 06 January 2014 by Kandee @kandeecanread
Revenge's Return: Homecoming Recap
"Bitch said she was having my baby. Bitch lied." Not said by Daniel Grayson.

Well the news reporters are now talking all about Emily..and her disappearance. Nolan and Aiden are worried because Emily hasn't showed up to the rendezvous point. So there's much talk there and we see Emily wind up in the middle of the ocean. Still alive!
That't really all that matters, so we go back to everyone being worried about Emily except Daniel, who we know shot Emily. He's acting all nonchalant about his wife being fucking missing because he thinks she's dead. No one knows about what really happened, all we know is that whomever killed Emily was on board that boat. Everyone suspects Victoria, obviously, because she hates Emily, but its Daniel.All throughout the episode I was like: DAMMIT DANIEL SHOT HER, SOMEONE ARREST HIM. EMILY GET BACK HERE SO THEY CAN GET THIS BASTARD.Jack and Aiden track Emily with the tracker she sets off and she ended up hitching a ride on the back of a boat. How? Revenge's Return: Homecoming Recap
Hmmm...But Aiden finds her and she's like, LET'S GO AIDEN, WE CAN GET AWAY. Aiden is like. You do realize you're dying right?
She probably doesn't know anything anymore considering she got shot in the stomach twice and was swimming in the freaking Atlantic! So he get's the captain's attention and he finds Emily. 
But the question is: Why? Why wouldn't he just get away with Emily like they planned? SHIT, NO ONE KNOWS.
So Emily is taken care of at the hospital and everyone goes to see her. Except Victoria because everyone thinks she shot her! Emily is okay, too, well she does have a slight case of amnesia and remembers nothing about anything. She doesn't even remember who she is. Good plot, Emily. As much as I love her, she is a shitty revenge giver. Victoria is sad since she can't see Emily and rub it in her face that she knew what a lying whore she was, so Patrick comforts her and they're fine. UNTIL....
Nolan shows up and tries to talk to him and they talk and Victoria freaks out and yells at Patrick, who yells at Nolan and then Nolan is sad. Nolan can't go see Emily either which also sucks. Only person who's talked to Emily so far is Daniel and Daniel had this hateful look in his eyes and all throughout this episode I thought he was going to try to kill her. He didn't, but you never know what will happen in future episodes. She knows nothing, so he has nothing to fear because she doesn't even know who he is. 
And so, the rest of this is how everyone believes Victoria shot Emily. Then we see Margot who had a photographer on the boat and while everyone said they were in the main room being photographed, the people not on film are Victoria..and someone else as Jack points out.
Lydia is back as well and is living her life with Conrad well and as it turns out along with Victoria and Daniel, Lydia wasn't on film as well.
Then Daniel, the idiot he is, tells his mother he shot Emily and he was going to turn himself in until she went to Conrad and told him what happened. So, it looks like Lydia is the next David Clarke.
While all this was going on, Aiden was going to sneak Emily out, but she freaked out and called the nurses on him, since she didn't remember who he was. Aiden thought she was faking amnesia, too bad, Aiden.
No one knows what to do.
Nolan hacked into the hospital records and finds out that Emily's amnesia came from trauma and she made herself forget everything. Jack gets Charlotte to help him see her, but while Charlotte visits she tells Jack about how Emily told her David Clarke was her dad.
 Revenge's Return: Homecoming Recap
Dammit, Emily.
Charlotte and Jack get to the hospital just in time to get rid of a nurse who was trying to put something into Emily's IV. Turns out that nurse is an old friend and probably past lover (since she kisses him) of Aiden. She says she came to help, but it looks like she tried to harm poor Em.
Jack helps Emily and they chat. He kisses her on the forehead and gives her Amanda's necklace and she remembers. Before Jack walks out, she remembers Daniel shot her.
Daniel and Conrad also get into a fight in which Conrad tells Daniel he no longer has his help. And as for Victoria, Patrick tells her about the infinity box.
That was a lot.
Revenge's Return: Homecoming Recap
Well, Revenge was amazing and it really picked up with this episode. If it stays at this pace, I will continue to enjoy it. Good JOB!

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