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Results From True’s Survey

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover hosted a survey at the end of True Blood Season 4 – to find out how the fans felt about the season in general! We won’t post all of the survey results…you have to visit their site to check them out…but we will post the ones in relation to Eric and Sookie!

This is what they said over at!

3. Which season 4 development did you like most?

Another ranking question! This time we asked you to rank specific plot developments from MOST favorite (10) to LEAST favorite (1). It was a landslide in favor of Eric losing his memory with a whopping 62.3% of you giving it a 10. Pam losing her face was your second favorite development, earning 15.9% of your votes for the #9 spot. In a virtual tie for third place, separated by 5 votes, was Bill becoming King of Louisiana (13.9% of you ranked that at #9) and Martonia’s war against the vampires (13.6% of you ranked that at #9).

Hehe…seems like King Beehl ranked just as low as the witches! Not many fans were happy with Bill being King, it seems…I wonder why…?  ;)

Of course, we’re pleased, but not very surprised about the amount of Eric love! It should be ranked high…because this was taken straight from the books and isn’t part of AB’s fanfiction! Sure hope Alan Ball pays attention to this…it proves that the ‘books work’! Why screw it up? And to think that most of those who voted…haven’t even read the books! You’ll have to excuse me while I, ROTFLMAO!  :lol:

4. Whose season 4 character arc did you like most?

Rather than have you choose a single character on this one, we decided to go with the ranking system again, producing some interesting results. As you might expect from the results of question 3, Eric ran away with this one as well, earning 63.8% of your MOST favorite votes for top ranking. Second place went to Sookie with 26.9% of your #9 votes and third went to Bill with 16.9% of your #8 votes.

Don’t know how Sookie and Eric got separated in this one…since most of their storyline was together (except for when the storyline started to suck)…but whatever, Eric won this one too! And Bill still sucks! Haha!

And now the best one of all, IMO…

6. Which couple(s) are you rooting for?

Ah, the ‘shipper wars! Here’s where the biggest surprised was served. Given the vociferousness of various ‘shipper factions, we allowed respondents to choose more than one response here, thinking we’d see a fairly balanced result. Nope! Leading the pack by far was Sookie/Eric with 69.8% of the votes. Next was Jessica/Jason with 45.4%, an unexpectedly positive response to that pairing. Third was Sam/Luna earning 30.7% of the votes.

What of Sookie’s other suitors? Sookie/Alcide picked up 21.5% of your votes while Sookie/Bill only earned 16.8%. That latter was much, much lower than expected given the comments we’ve had on our site. Apparently it’s a minority who want them together, but a very vocal one!

LMAO!! That’s really funny…both Jessica/Jason and Sam/Luna ranked higher than Sookie with the either one of the other two suitors! If that’s not saying something…I don’t know what is! These people should really find our site (if they haven’t already)! I’m sure they would feel most welcomed here! ;)

7. Who do you think should be named season 4′s Most Valuable Player?

This should be a no-brainer if you’ve been paying attention to the results of the other questions: Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) easily took the crown here with 48.7% of the votes. In a distant second was Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) with 13.6% and Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) rounding out the top three with 10.6% of your votes.

I can pretty much sum up my thoughts on this result by saying, “YUP”! Notice how there’s no mention of Stephen Moyer (Bill) or Joe Manganiello (Alcide)? Hmmm…it seems like they’re not as popular as everyone thinks they are!

To read the rest of the results – click here!

Thanks to one of our affiliates, True for hosting this survey!

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