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Response to Jennifer L. Armentrout's "Piracy WTFery" | Book Pirating

By Roseywinter @roseywinter
So, I was browsing through some Goodreads updates, and stumbled across a post by author Jennifer L. Armentrout pertaining to book piracy.
I read through her blog post and the comments at Goodreads and felt compelled to respond with some lighthearted thoughts and info of my own...
Which led me to the original blog entry at her website, which led me to reading even more comments there, and well, let's just say my last comment in response to another commenter was a little emotional. But not in a I-broke-down-and-teared-her-one sort of way. Just in a... I'm so sad our world is fucked sort of way. :D
So yes, Armentrout's original blog post can be read here.
And these are some screenshots of my responses in regards to book piracy, content, copyrights, etc... and the changing formula of our various entertainment industries (music, film, book). And my last response has to do with book availability in foreign third-world countries, and why I think it's okay for these people to pirate.
Response to Armentrout's original blog post:

First Comment Part 1/2

First Comment Part 2/2

Second Comment Part 1/1

Reponse to commentor "Ems" regarding foreign piracy:

Third Comment Part 1/2

Third Comment Part 2/2

So yeah... what are your guys' thoughts on piracy (any kind of piracy)? Yay, nay, in-between, don't care? Why?

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