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Resolve to Travel

By Travelersmind
The New Year is almost here and the inevitable question has mostly likely graced your ears over the last week: What's your New Year's resolution?
I dread this question because I always have way too many things I want to do--or stop doing. I mean, there are the go-to options: work out more, eat healthier, join a book/cooking/art club, turn off the television more often, learn to sew, save more money, cook more often, etc. I usually try to have two resolutions--mostly because I'm a bit of an overachiever--but also because there is one resolution that is pretty much a constant in my life. I resolve to travel somewhere I have never been every year.
I have managed to accomplish that goal the last two years--South Africa in 2010; Edmonton and Myrtle Beach in 2011. So where will I go this year? I have a lot of destinations on my list, so the first task is narrowing it down to options that are plausible for me this year. Obviously, I have to take a lot into consideration: money, time, prior engagements. There are certain weekends that are blocked out for special events or friend visits or whatever else might be going on. And then I always have to think about how much flights will cost, if I have to pay for a hotel or if I can stay with a friend or relative. As much as I would love to go somewhere abroad, this year might be too packed with weddings and bachelorette parties and other such events that I would not be able to afford it. So something within the U.S. may have to suffice. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking Maine or Seattle. I know people who live in both places, so accommodations would be taken care of, and flights might not be too pricey, depending on when I go.
This will certainly take some more thought as it is not something I should decide on a whim. As for the other resolution, I haven't figured that one out just yet. I have mulled over the idea of cutting back on chocolate, but we all know that won't happen. I will report back on my final goals for 2012, but until then, feel free to share your resolutions. If you could pick one place to travel in 2012, where would you go?

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