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Resolution to Read: The Philosophy of Love

By Realizingresonance @RealizResonance


For the month of February Realizing Resonance is celebrating the Philosophy of Love! Not only is the 14th Valentine’s Day, but the 1st was my wife Mary’s birthday, so Love is in the air. We can mean different things by the word Love. Sometimes we feel that we understand what Love is, and at other times we can’t define it at all. All of this makes Love a philosophically rich topic that captivates us humans again and again. In celebration of Love this month’s Realizing Resonance Resolution to Read Book of the Month is…


Symposium by Plato


Plato’s Symposium is a classic dialogue between Socrates and a few of his notable contemporaries, in which they discuss the essence of Love, each offering their own definitions of what Love is. I have always wanted to read this dialogue and given that it is the season of romance perhaps it will lend me some inspiration. I would be delighted if you read along with me and posted your own take on Love in the comments.

Happy Readings!

Jared Roy Endicott


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