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RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome
LOVE YOUR VINTAGE. As we say goodbye to the spectacle that was our 2015, let us make room for some special remembrances. We lost some great ones, but we gained some new perspective on life. The new jobs, new friends, new hobbies have perhaps aided in a new way to seeing your world.  And those twists and turns that you've somehow marvelously maneuvered with the nimble graces of a cat, have added a bit of pepper to the dish, a trial-by-fire-flavor to be savored while you wonder just how is it you've managed to thrive in the Crucibles-R-Us sponsored middle of it all.  

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

The Citizen Resolution for 2016: LOVE YOUR VINTAGE.

 As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes your stronger, and you, my friend, just might be the metaphoric equivalent of Brian Shaw in a tutu. So frock on, Madame Bad-Ass. 
And here’s to more thrive and less jive for 2016.  
Regardless of your resolutions,
here's to a very good year to come, one that is hopefully your best year yet. 2016, is in our opinion, the year of old dogs learning new tricks, and old tricks getting new treats. 
RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

Old Dog, New Tricks. (source)

Here are three things topping off our official NEW TRICKS TO DO List for 2016:
NEW READS: This coming year, I plan to read a new book every month. For the past few years or so,  reading books has not been a frequent activity for me, partly because of some wonky vision issues. Reading by artificial light at night is a particular challenge for me. But I've missed being a bookworm, and have really enjoyed getting my recent literary fix via audio books. So, I'm making it a resolution for 2016 to read at least one book a month, and I'm certain to make good use of my Audible
RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

NEW TECH: Amazon Echo. The future is now, kiddos, and with an enticing product like the Amazon Echo
, we are but one two-step away our inevitable evolutionary upgraded merge with computer intelligence ala the Singularity. Until then, I guess asking questions to a chatty black round electronic cylinder while dancing to piped in Pandora, will have to suffice. 

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

OLD BODY, NEW VIEW: this year I plan to keep the middle aged middle, but lose the shitty attitude. Sure I need to lose weight, and sure losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution of all time, but this year for me, it's going to be more than just some knee-jerk attempt to get skinny by starving myself, or get gung-ho about a work-out routine January 1st that is sure to fizzle by Jan 30th. This year, I plan to LOVE MY BODY, JUST AS IT IS. Boom. I’m going to celebrate the lumps the bumps and the fact that I am old enough to celebrate those lumps and bumps. And doll-up the good bits more often. Simply put: Less lip and more lippy.

It is without a shadow of a doubt, a very good time to be alive. Whatever your age, whatever is hanging in your closet, we think it is a very good time to LOVE YOUR VINTAGE. In fact, this is going to be our motto throughout 2016. Be it a better appreciation of our elders, savoring the deliciousness of a fine wine, aged cheese or just relishing an age old tradition, we'll be bringing to the table, a new found appreciation of the old to our present. 

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

The enduring beauty of a vintage garment is of course, also on our agenda. After all, under the moniker of Citizens-of-Rosebud, we proudly wear the hat of online vintage seller, as we live and breath for the hunt of classic vintage clothing, home goods and furnishings. As Ari Seth Cohen puts it so well: OLD IS THE NEW BLACK, and indeed what’s old is new again, and what’s new to you, is up to you.

RESOLUTION: Old is the New Awesome

From this odd, old bird to all of you- Happy New Year!
May 2016 be your awesome-est year yet.

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