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Researching the American Empire

Posted on the 28 December 2011 by Andrewgavinmarshall @A_G_Marshall

I am, however, covering the expansion of the American Empire into Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. The documentation for this analysis comes from a broad array of sources: State Department and National Security Council documents, declassified intelligence documents, think tank reports (such as formerly top secret projects of the Council on Foreign Relations), reports from foundations, and a vast array of academic journals and historical research books. In each region of expanding American power, then, I show the roles played by the American political apparatus (State Department and National Security Council), its military and intelligence apparatus (CIA and Pentagon), the role of think tanks (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission), and the philanthropic foundations (Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations), international organizations (UN, World Bank, IMF), and a host of other institutions and individuals. As much as possible, I try to rely upon using the words of those who decide and implement policy themselves, so that the reader may see the evidence in the words of those who actively sought to create and expand an imperial power around the world. With such striking statements from top officials and elites, it becomes increasingly challenging to attempt to present America as anything BUT an empire, or upon an extensive examination of the effects of the imperial power, it becomes impossible to declare, as several top academics have, that America is a “benevolent” empire.

So, I will be continuing work on this chapters, which will likely make up a significant portion of the second volume of the book, and then I will go back to do a lot of work on the first volume, as the first couple chapters still need to be written, though I have already done the vast majority of research for them, which will make them easier to write.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years and thank you again for all your support!


Researching the American Empire

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