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Request Your Jamberry Nails Sample (US/Canada)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Jamberry Nail Wraps samplesGone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days!
Gone are the days of the single colored, boring manicure.
Gone are the mani/pedis that take up your whole afternoon... and most of your cash too!
Jamberry Nail Wraps give you style and confidence - while demanding very little of your time... or your money.
Jamberry Nail Wraps are heat-activated vinyl nail wraps that come in over 300+ designs.
Or you could design your own! One sheet will cover 2 to 4 sets of nails (1 set = 10 nails).

Request Your Jamberry Nails Sample (US/Canada)

My nails after 8 months wearing wraps

They last up to 2 weeks on your fingernails, and up to 6 weeks on your toenails.
They won't chip or fade like nail polish, and they won't damage your nails - like acrylics or gel nails can.
And there is NO DRY TIME!
MORE BENEFITS: No harmful chemicals, latex-free, gluten-free, formaldehyde-free and cruelty-free (never animal-tested!)!
Can be used on artificial nails.
Made in the USA.
Shop Canada:
Shop USA: ⇒ choose "Catherine Watt" as your consultant

How To Request Your Sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps
Your Jamberry sample packet is FREE, for only the cost of postage/taxes/fees
- $1.10 CDN / $1.50 US - payable thru Paypal. (Shipped from Canada)

$1.50 for US addresses:
$1.10 for Canadian addresses:

To compensate you for this small amount, I will include your very own Coupon Code - worth 10% Cash Back* on the subtotal of your next Jamberry Nail purchase.
Cash Back: Purchase just one Jamberry wrap sheet and you will get $1.50 back for your US order, or $1.70 back for your Canadian purchase! (Follow instructions below for getting CashBack)
PLUS, if your US purchase totals $150 US, you get $15 Cash Back, and free shipping too!
If your Canadian purchase totals $200 CDN, you get $20 Cash Back, and free shipping too!
(Don't have Paypal? Send a self-addressed Canadian stamped envelope, or a US International Postal order for the cost of the postage. Email catherine (at) for mailing address.)
Image: What's in your sample packetInside your sample packet, you will receive the following:
 •  one [1] sample nail wrap strip - enough to cover one to three nails, depending on the length of your nails
 •  one [1] alcohol wipe to prep your nails
 •  one [1] mini-nail file to finish off your wrap application.
 •  a brochure fully explaining your wrap application and two methods of removal
 •  a brochure about Jamberry parties, business opportunity and my business card
 •  Special offer - Buy three [3] wrap sheets and get one [1] FREE!
 •  Your very own 10% off CashBack Coupon Code - to use on your next order!

Image: Assorted wrap designs shown - no specific design choice

Assorted wrap designs shown
no specific design choice available

$1.50 for US addresses:
$1.10 for Canadian addresses:
Would you like to earn free and discounted Jamberry Nails products?
Would you like to earn extra money while enjoying a flexible schedule?
Email catherine (at) for more information!
*The Fine Print: This promotion is only valid on your purchases placed with Catherine Watt, Independent Jamberry Nail Consultant - not any other consultant or thru the Jamberry Nails company.  
Non-transferable - for your personal use only.
This Coupon code is offering 10% cash back from the subtotal of your purchase, before shipping and taxes. 
If  your purchase is returned, the CashBack amount will be deducted from your return total.  
This Coupon Code can only be applied to one purchase per code.  
This Coupon Code is not applicable for purchase of Consultant's Kit, nor is it valid on party purchases
This Coupon Code is not for use on the Jamberry website. 
To receive your Cashback, once you have placed your order on the Jamberry website, you must email me your Coupon Code along with your Paypal link.  
Cashback is paid thru Paypal only, upon shipment of your purchase. 
This Coupon Code expires 5 weeks after sample shipment.
*Sorry at this time samples and purchases are only available to those with a US, Puerto Rico, Guam or Canadian address per Jamberry Nails consultant agreements.
NOTE - If any of the above links are not working or the freebies or coupons no longer available, please post a blog comment below and I'll edit it!

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