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Republicans Poised To Go After Social Security & Medicare

Posted on the 17 October 2018 by Jobsanger
Republicans Poised To Go After Social Security & Medicare
The Republicans have caused a massive 17% increase in the federal government deficit of about 17% in the last year. And if nothing is done, the nation will start adding $1 trillion a year to that deficit beginning next year. Now they want to fix that by going after what they cal "entitlements" (known to you and I as Social Security and Medicare).
They want Americans to believe that the huge deficit is caused mainly by Social Security and Medicare. IT IS AN OUTRAGEOUS LIE. The deficit is the shortfall between revenues and spending in the discretionary budget. None of Social Security and only a portion of Medicare is paid for in the discretionary budget.
Social Security is now, and always has been, paid for completely with a payroll tax dedicated specifically for that purpose. It has never added a single penny to the federal deficit (or the national debt). You could completely eliminate Social Security, and it would not reduce the deficit or the national debt at all!
Part of Medicare (about 41%) is paid out of the discretionary budget, while 59% is paid with payroll taxes, interest income, beneficiary premiums, state payments, and taxing Social Security benefits. It only contributes a tiny amount to the deficit.
The real reason we have a ballooning deficit is because of the Republican tax cuts for the rich. They gave massive tax cuts to corporations and the rich, while increasing federal spending (especially for the military). Now they want to pay for that giveaway to corporations and the rich by cutting Social Security and Medicare (which millions of seniors need just to stay out of poverty).
It is immoral to take money from seniors to give more to the rich, but that is what the Republicans want to do. It's one more important reason why they must be voted out of office in November (and out of the White House in 2020).

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