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Republicans Debate: the Beat Goes on

Posted on the 13 December 2011 by Erictheblue

I see that the Republican presidential candidates debated again on Saturday night and that the consensus is: Newt kicked ass--mainly, it seems, because his principal rival, Mitt Romney, by offering to bet Rick Perry ten thousand dollars about what is or isn't in the Massachusetts health care plan, proved himself "out of touch" with The American People.  "I want to know if he has $10,000 in his pocket," crowed a Gingrich spokesman soon as the lights went down.

As opposed to a half million on his Tiffany's charge, I guess.  I thought McCain was a poor candidate but am beginning to wax nostalgic.  Even for those of us who are enjoying the show, it's alarming that one of the two major political parties in our land of some 300 million citizens is apparently going to nominate one of these guys for the presidency--and that, considering who else is running, it makes a weird sort of sense that this should be so.

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