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Watching Amy Schumer

Posted on the 23 April 2015 by Erictheblue


I've got to start making time for the Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer.  Her stand-up special called Mostly Sex Stuff is smart and hilarious, and I see that according to Kevin Fallon, at The Daily Beast, the TV show keeps getting better.  The sketches he describes from the upcoming third season all sound as if they appeal to my, er, prejudices.  In one, the Schumer character is on a mission to get some birth control.  She needs permission, however, from half the world--"her doctor, her boss, her boss's priest, a Boy Scout, and everyone on her social media network."  Meanwhile, a little boy buys a gun, no questions asked.  "Remember," says the clerk, "it's your right."


In another, a high-school football coach tells his players, at the start of his first season, that things are going to be different.  For one thing, there will be no rape.  Moans and complaints. 

"But, we play football."  "What if she thinks it's rape, but I don't?"  "What about at away games?" 

The high school is in Texas, and the sketch is called "Football Town Nights."

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