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Republican Party Priorities

Posted on the 11 March 2015 by Morage @kebmebms

By now, most of the nation has, I think, heard about the 47 Republicans who got together and signed a letter to the Iranian hard liners, saying they--the Republicans--support them and not our own president when it comes to negotiating for peace and keeping Iran from building a nuclear reactor.
It was fairly disgusting.
Moving on from that, local news station KY3, in Springfield, covered a story yesterday that bears some additional notoriety:
MoDOT lacks funding needed to fix bridges in 'critical condition'
This is another story I think most of us are familiar with. I know CBS "60 Minutes" did a story on it, telling of the lack of maintenance and upkeep our nation's roads, bridges, streets and other essential infrastructure have gotten and how they need work and investment. From this story yesterday:
74 Southwest Missouri bridges are currently listed in "critical condition" according to MoDOT, but department officials say the state doesn't have the money to repair those bridges...
And that's just Southwest Missouri bridges, not the entire state. If it were the entire state, that would have been concern enough.
Right now there are 600 bridges in Missouri listed in poor or critical condition, and officials estimate in 2024 there will 1,500 bridges in those categories. Without repairs, MoDOT says many bridges will have to be given weight restrictions or even be shut down completely.

And the great things about a solution to the nation's infrastructure would be that it would give more Americans jobs--good jobs, and for years---and secondly, also importantly, it would give the economy a boost.
Those are some huge benefits.
But instead of doing the nation's business and writing, proposing, voting on and passing an infrastructure bill, what do the Republicans give their time and attention to?
A letter to our enemies, saying they support them. instead of supporting peace negotiations and yes, our president.
The nerve, the stupidity the selfishness is fairly stunning.
We've all known we need to get money to our Highway Fund, too, but it's also neglected. This Congress and our representatives just simply aren't giving their jobs and our country, our nation, the people, the attention it all deserves.
Once again, they've put their political party ahead of the nation and the nation's needs, ahead of the people.
How long are we going to tolerate this nonsense?

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