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Republican Cowards Run the House of Representatives

Posted on the 28 February 2017 by Lowell
Republican Cowards Run the House of Representatives
The Republicans are running this so-called democracy into the ground.  We are rapidly becoming a fascist dictatorship!  There's no equivalence here.  It's NOT the Democrats.  It's the Republicans and they are responsible. And if they don't re-write the history books, they will be held in contempt by the American people and the people of the world for ages to come.  And rightly so.
There was an attempt to use a relatively obscure law (the Repugs used this in 2014 relative to Tea Potters) which allows Congress to obtain the tax records of an individual.  The resolution would have given this Congress the right to obtain the tax records of da Trumpf.
Unfortunately, in a party-line vote, the Repugs shot down that resolution and once again, the American people, for the first time in history, will not be able to see the tax returns of their president.
Trump, of course, could not, under any circumstances, allow his tax returns to become public.  His chicanery - cheating, crooked deals, lies, abuse of the system to avoid paying taxes - would see the light of day and the darkness that is his heart would be put on display across the nation and the world.
Just think about this:  We the People, through our representatives, could have legally forced the issue and obtained Trump's tax records.  Our representatives in Congress, who swore fidelity to the Constitution, could have made the right and ethical and moral decision to obtain da Trumpf's tax records.
They did not do so.  They failed to do their job.  They showed their fealty is not to the well-being of this country but to themselves in order to retain their power. They showed that they are essentially traitors. They should be ashamed but more than that, they should be impeached for they have committed in this instance, by omission, a high crime and misdemeanor.
* * * *
Meanwhile da Trumpf blames Obama for the fiasco in Yemen.  He blames Obama for the protests against his government by millions of people across the country.  Somehow in his delusory state, believes that Obama, even though on vacation in Hawaii, was able to organize and carry out these multitudes of protests.
Like Hitler, Trump, a fascist, thrives on "rallies."  They are food for his miniature brain.   So he called for his supporters to come out and rally in support of him and his program.  And they did.  I've seen the photos.  Some of these rallies might have had a couple hundred people; some had maybe 10-20.  They were a monumental failure just like everything else he has done in these last 100 days. He has called for additional rallies this coming Saturday.  Prepare to be underwhelmed.
Trump is bad enough.  But we must also deal with a Congress ruled by Republicans (NOT Democrats) who have no morals or ethics (in fact they just voted to do away with any ethical check on their behavior), who care nothing for the well-being of the people of this country, who are incapable of doing the jobs to which they were elected, and who are so afraid of their stupidity and incompetence they intend to take it out on the women, the vets, and the elderly.
And all of this is why Trump's tax returns are so important.  They will show in detail the magnitude of his malfeasance.  They will confirm, once and for all, just how black is his heart and the result will be impeachment for not even the cowardly Republicans in Congress will be able to dodge that bullet!

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