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Republican Chutzpah from Representative Graves

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Morage @kebmebms

Missouri Representative from Northwest Missouri Sam Graves posted the following on his Facebook page last evening:
"We have already seen that the health care law implementation is grossly behind schedule. Today's news that the employer mandate will be delayed a year may provide more relief for the administration, but not for small businesses.

Small companies have told us they are confused by the law and are simply finding it difficult to comply with, no matter when it goes into effect. Instead of providing relief for businesses, this simply kicks the can down the road. It was a bad law in 2010. It's a bad law today and it will be a bad law in 2015."

It was followed by this link:
Well, let's see.  Why would this legislation be delayed?
Would it be because every Republican in both houses of Congress have been dragging their own feet and not supporting it--bringing up 37 votes against it--so this President and legislation isn't successful? 
Mightn't that be a part of it?
Or how about because so many Republican Governors and State Legislatures--like that in Kansas and Missouri--are also fighting it, in spite of the people's and nation's need for this sorely needed relief?
Might not all that have a great deal to to with it?
For a Republican--any, really--to blame either the legislation or this President for the slow pace this has come online is nerve and hypocrisy, both, of the first order.
As examples, Californians and Montanans, as just two groups, are already gaining benefits from it:

The Obamacare Shock

Obamacare Is Working in California

Under Obamacare, Montana Residents Will Get Better Benefits

And here's a business--and their employees--that are benefiting from Obamacare:

Retailer improves benefits as Obamacare rule looms

And that's not yet with the full rollout, as we know.
The people--we--need this.
Congress should be proposing and passing jobs bills to rework infrastructure instead of wasting time with a 38th attempt and vote on overturning the Affordable Care Act.
The bloody, shameless hypocrites.

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