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Reptar’s Body Faucet [7.8]

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

reptaralbumcover 550x550 REPTARS BODY FAUCET [7.8]

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Georgia four-piece Reptar (@reptarathens) often seem to embody their namesake. While they may not be prehistoric, animated or green, they do evoke a sense of fun with a slight twist of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. The group first made a major name for themselves at 2011′s SXSW festival, where, during their scheduled performances and a few impromptu house party gigs, they introduced the world to their renewable musical energy.

Quick to utilize this sudden burst of notoriety, they released a well-received EP last year and their debut full-length just recently. Whatever you’re take on Body Faucet, there’s no denying the record’s unrelenting ambition and enthusiasm. With an open mind, there’s a good chance it’ll sweep you off your feet and throw you into it’s Carnivale-like atmosphere.

The album’s core foundation consists of pure indie rock fused with 90′s alt rock, but this base isn’t what captures your imagination — the exterior dressing of saxophones, xylophones, afro-pop percussion, sitars and synths is truly what makes the album stand out. These tropical elements aren’t merely used for decoration, but instead are crafted to bring out an additional dimension on each song. By tweaking structures, playfully moulding melodies and adding a little spice to the overall balance, many songs find themselves fleshed out significantly by Reptar’s imagination. While the album has a few issues regarding balance and some tracks such as “Sweet Sippin’ Soda” go a little overboard, the majority of Body Faucet’s colourful spectrum really brings the record to life.

Although the majority of the album could serve as the perfect party soundtrack, there are a few mellow moments which would suit the mood for the ride home as well. While these instances are somewhat few and far between, they certainly stand out — both their stripped down sound and genuine lyrical inflection leave me wanting more. Perhaps Reptar may tap into this particular vein and branch out in the future, but as of right now, their first effort stands tall and ferocious, much like the fictitious dinosaur from which they took their name.


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