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Reports: Pens Looking at Making a Lot of Moves

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Pens are looking to shake things up with a couple win-now moves this offseason, many reports are saying. The 4 trades that are getting discussed are
1. Scuderi to Kings/Flames for Picks
2. Neal to Jets for Evander Kane
3. MAF to Flames for Picks/Prospects (rumored that Pens would then go after Ryan Miller for long-term deal.
4. Sutter to Cunucks for Ryan Kesler, prospect, and high pick
From what it I've heard, pens are intrigued by all of these and are wanting to shake things up. Heard that it wouldn't be a surprise if all of these happen, though I doubt MAF is on the move. Kesler move and Kane would be perfect. And I don't care what happens to Scuderi. Thoughts?
Also, it sounds like Lemieux is on board and pushing for the Sutter-Kesler. "Kesler would bring the speed, grit and work ethic to the Pens that Mario Lemieux believes that the team needs in order to get back to being a Stanley Cup contender."
Sutter was arguably the best player the Pens had in the playoffs.
Neal takes a lot of stupid penalties, and didn't do much of anything in the playoffs,
Scuderi can go
I'll be surprised if MAF goes anywhere
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