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Report from Dubai, Interview with Kaleej Times Art Director; Weekend Follow Ups

Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract
This is the weekend edition of TheMarioBlog and will be updated as necessary; next new blog post is Monday, December 19

TAKEAWAY: This is part 3 of our blog post on what I call the Arab Spring of newspaper design in the Middle East region.  Today: An interview with Roberto Canseco, art director of the newly redesigned Kaleej Times of Dubai   ALSO: Weekend follow ups for some of this week’s posts.

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A selection of pages from the newly redesigned Kaleej Times

Three questions for Roberto Canseco, art director, Kaleej Times

As I have mentioned earlier, I arrived in Dubai this time to find a newly redesigned Kaleej Times——clean, elegant, well organized and easy to read.  I have taken the opportunity to interview the KT’s art director, Roberto Canseco, who directed the redesign.  Here is our three-minute interview with Roberto.

1. Roberto, you have managed to make some distinctive changes to Kaleej Times. How difficult was it to bring about the changes?

The most difficult part was to analyze our resources and deficiencies which the newspaper currently has, and then proceed to create a design that would be easy to execute by anyone in the design team, regardless of what section they worked for, while creating new ways of storytelling.

2. The KT was redesigned three years ago by Pentagram, how much of that design did you keep?

At first, our idea was to maintain as much of the original Pentagram style as possible, to avoid making the change too drastic.  However, upon realizing that the principal problem was that the redesign itself had become a sort of Frankenstein within the newspaper, we decided to eliminate as much as possible of that old design, and start fresh with styles that would better adapt to the reality of the Kaleej Times of today.

3. How do you feel about the state of newspaper design in this region?

I think that there is a lot of talent in the various newspapers of this region, and, above all, it is admirable the effort they are making to improve communication, developing new graphic resources as well as those that go hand in hand with the new technologies in their various platforms.  It is that which the Kaleej Times is also doing, entering a new era to focus our efforts and to be at the same level as the other media.

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Follow up: Times Union signs up to get new printing press

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Configuration of new Commander press for the Times Union of New York

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Here is a recent front page of the Times Union, now appearing in a broadsheet format, but considering a smaller size now that new press has become a reality

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Front page in which Times Union announces acquisition of the new printing press—-story appears at the bottom of the page

Earlier this week we reported that the Times Union of Albany, New York, had just signed up an agreement to get a Commander CL offset press from Koenig & Bauer AG, a German company.

Now, editor Rex Smith has sent us the illustration above, which illustrates what the new press will be able to do.

Our earlier blog:—as_times_union_signs_up_for_brand_new_prin

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