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Report from Dubai 2: Design, Newspapers Thrive in the Region

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: This is part 2 of our blog post on what I call the Arab Spring of newspaper design in the Middle East region.  Today: highlighting Oman’s Times of Oman, Lebanon’s An Nahar, and Dubai’s Kaleej Times.

As someone who has been visiting this part of the world for at least 14 years, I do remember the days when, if you took a look at copies of the area’s newspapers all placed side by side, it was difficult to find one that would stand out for its design and overall visual presentation.  Even today, some of the newspapers, in both English and Arabic language,seem to belong in another era., especially the ones in Arabic.  Yesterday’s blog post was part one of this report, highlighting this Arab Spring of design.

But, things have changed dramatically for the better, and now many of the newspapers in this region are among the best designed in the world——-and have the design awards to prove it.

One such case is the Times of Oman and its sister newspaper, Al Shabiba (in Arabic).  Its innovative and talented design director is Adonis Durado, and, he, too, has seen the dramatic transformation that has taken place, as more publishers and editors begin to take a look at Design with a capital D.

There’s an Arab Spring of creativity in the Gulf as more Arab newspapers are seeing the value of aesthetics and content together. And the Arab culture is also changing as ultra-modern state cities are springing in the region—the likes of Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi—and with this comes the idea that everything must be modern and look good aesthetically.“

Recent Times of Oman pages

blog post image
Designed by Greg Fernandez/ Times of Oman design team

blog post image
Designed by Lucille Umali/ Times of Oman design team

blog post image
Designed by Waleed Rabin/ Times of Oman design team

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