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Renewed Interest In Cloth Diapers

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
As I mentioned in one of my first posts we tried cloth diaper's when Baby F was born...but we used a diaper service and their diaper's were crap. Someday's I was using 15 cloth diaper's...they were always leaking...Baby F is a very petite boy so that probably did not help. Not to mention I started cloth because I wanted to save money and we were spending at least double the cost of disposables! All because of the stupid diaper service.
Now that Baby F is almost 10 months old he only uses 5-6 disposable diaper's per day so I got thinking maybe it is time to try again. Since we are moving we will probably have our own in the city we have shared condo laundry, so buying my own and washing my own cloth diaper's was never an option before.
I am planning on purchasing 8 pocket diaper's with inserts to start, just to use when I am home during the day. I  prefer disposable diaper's for night time and I don't like carrying around a large diaper bag so when I am out and about I will be using disposables as well. I think I will also use a flushable liner with the pocket diaper's just to make cleaning easier. Since I will be using a combination of cloth & disposable diaper's I should be able to get away with doing diaper laundry every 3 days. My reasons for wanting to try cloth are again are to save a little money and because they really are cute!

The only thing I am concerned about is the washing process...I have done very little research and I need your help! LOL My Fiance has concerns about how sanitary it would be to wash dirty diaper's in the same washer that we wash our clothes in. So if you have any tips please post them in the comments below! Also I am wondering about detergents...I don't want to buy any expensive washing products so I am wondering if there are any cheap alternatives?? HELP :)
I am also going to post some photos below from our first cloth diaper experience...the diaper service diaper's were very bulky and I was not even using an insert because the service did not tell me that they included them for no extra charge! They only mentioned the inserts to me when I called to cancel the service because I was changing Baby F's diaper like 5 times an hours LOL...I tried the inserts before I cancelled the service but they were so thin they made no difference in absorbency. 

Renewed Interest In Cloth Diapers Above: After his first bath wearing the diaper service diaper with Mother Ease cover. (I loved the Mother Ease covers.)
Renewed Interest In Cloth Diapers Above: Changing time! The diaper service diaper with the cover off...they were all ugly yellow with orange trim LOL
Renewed Interest In Cloth Diapers Above: Here he is wearing the diaper service diaper with a Kushies Brand cover...although they said they were for small infants...the cover was very large.

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