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Reminiscing Old Times

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn

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Shopping can be very fun and therapeutic, but doing it in an Eco-concious way is more fun.
This is me in 2008, while living in England, mainly between, London, Birmingham and London.
What I will always remember and laugh about about the Brits is when you they ask you "Do you want a bag with that?" while paying for your groceries.
My first reaction was "no dude I will carry it all on my head like that" I didn't say it out loud but I was thinking to.
I am a Nigerian/Greek nobody ever ask me this question before and taking from where I am , we tend to be very sarcastic and cynical, yeah think of any Greek or Nigerian you know.
What I want to bring from this is we all learn new things, while living away from "home" (for me everywhere is really home), but what do we do with those lessons?
I now always carry my own Eco bags for groceries and shopping if I can help it and will encourage you all to do so.
Its fun to shop , but its also gratifying to do so while help leaving a better planet for those to come.
You might think its insignificant you are only one person but its the little things we all do that make a huge difference.
Have a relaxing weekend and do the little you can.
PS: I pray the weather get better for a outfit post that wouldn't be from 2008. lol.
Was wearing:Hat/New Era, Top/Missy Elliot for Adidas Originals,Sunnies/Rayban,Shoes/Puma,Glove/Nike ,Jeans/LevisA tout a l'heure les amies 

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