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Release Date for Into the Deep: August 10th

By Lauryn April @LaurynApril
In that moment I felt like an outcast. I felt pushed away and exiled and the loneliness of it was a boundless crater that I’d fallen into to be swallowed up by the darkness. I couldn’t go back there, not then. - Into the Deep
I'm setting a tentative release date of August 10th for Into the Deep, with hope that I can have it available sooner. Since this is only about a week away I thought I'd release a few more snippets to tease you with. I also have an interview coming out soon at I'm Awake and I Love...Books so, keep your eyes out for that. Thank you to everyone that's been following this blog or interested in my book, I hope you all enjoy the teasers below.
Teaser 1:
We were all on edge, nervously glancing over our shoulders and huddling close together. I heard every whisper of a sound, from the rustling of leaves and shuffling of feet to the quiet chirping of crickets. We were keeping watch while Eliza unlocked the door. I stared off into the dark moonlit green of the golf course. The clean smell of grass and pine invaded my senses as I tried to see if anyone was coming, but the only movement I caught was of shadows dancing in the darkness. Then I heard the click of the door as she twisted the handle and we all hurried inside.
Teaser 2:
My chest heaved as I tried to find air but only came up with water. I remember feeling hands on my chest, and lips hovering above mine. I remember murmured voices that sounded like I was hearing them from the end of a long tunnel. Someone said something about blood, someone wondered if I was dead. I heard it all clearly but the words were distant and had a strange ring to them. I wheezed and jolted upward finally finding my breath and my eyes popped open.
Teaser 3:
Before I went to bed that night, however, the sense of worry returned. For the first time, I considered the possibility… that we would all fail... It was possible that tomorrow we would all die. Thinking about it was surreal. It isn’t often that one has the ability to contemplate the real possibility of their death. All I knew was that this was something I needed to do. That thought was the only thing that kept the fear from capturing my mind.

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