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Relationship Counselling Saved Our Conjugal Bond

By Alexapoblete

Adrienne, 34, was very much aware that her relationship with her husband was deteriorating. There was increasing conflict in the relation. Let us read on what she has to say: 
Relationship Counselling Saved Our Conjugal Bond
“My husband, Gavin, and I often used to have angry, loud arguments. This was mainly because I often used to found him doing no household work. I was working from home as a freelance content writer, bringing up my 3-year old daughter, doing most of the household work. But my husband Gavin spent his evenings watching TV doing no housework.

The last time I burst out in anger was when I had ordered some grocery products online one evening. The online store delivered them on time. I was busy with the computer and so asked Gavin to unpack the bags. 3 hours later, I walked into the living room just to find him sitting there without the bags being unpacked. I got furious. I decided then and there that it was not possible for me to continue the relationship any more. I wanted to end the marriage. However, Gavin didn't want to separate.I said that I would only stay together if he agrees to discuss our problems with a professional relationships counseller. Gavin agreed to it. Although this is surprising because men are quite reluctant about taking professional help when it comes to couples therapy but Gavin agreed to it and he had no problem calling in a third party for advice. I knew about Jade Couquaux, the lady who offers relationship counselling in BondiJunction, NSW. I called her for an appointment. She was bit businesslike over the phone. It was a very short conversation we had. The meeting was fixed a few days later. 

Relationship Counselling Saved Our Conjugal BondWe met Jade for first time at her office. It was a simple room but well furnished. She asked us to sit and asked both of us to describe why we actually felt that we needed her help and what was it that we wanted to achieve. Both of us had the same answer-we both wanted to deal with our anger & arguments in a better way. During the counseling sessions, both of us got the opportunity to talk about our concerns and grievances. Jade being a neutral person kept our discussions calm and civilised. She wasn't judgemental at all. Both of us talked about our feelings without getting angry or shouting. None of us felt inhibited discussing about our relationship problems to a stranger. This is because both of us trusted her and felt that we were in safe hands. Jade never gave advice or took sides. She mostly used to sit back listening as we both conversed. We had about six sessions and we really felt that her assistance helped us. We decided to give our marriage a second chance and decided staying together. We agreed to respect one another and work as a team. The counseling sessions helped to renew our feelings for one another. I would definitely recommend Jade's relationship counseling services to any couple who is facing crisis in Bondi Junction.”

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