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“Refugees” Battle Tiny Swedish Village; Attack Truck Drivers at Cross-channel Tunnel

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

If there are still doubts that the hordes swarming into Europe from Muslim countries in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia are an invading army instead of refugees, the following news should lay those doubts to rest if you are a sane person.

Tärnsjö, Sweden

Nick Gutteridge reports for the (UK) Express, that growing chaos has engulfed the once-tranquil Tärnsjö — a tiny Swedish village of 1,200, 90 miles north of the capital Stockholm.

Locals say the problems began when 20 refugee families arrived and were linked to a crime wave in the village, including throwing stones at residents’ cars. Villager Tobias Willhall said: “The immigrants have caused all kinds of trouble for us. I have friends whose storage spaces have been burgled by immigrants and bicycles have been stolen.”

In retaliation for the vandalism and burglaries, Tärnsjö residents hurled stones at sheltered housing and even threatened children. Things are so bad that the children of “migrants” now need a police escort just to get to school. Aid workers helping the refugees say they have been terrified by racist attacks which have left them too scared to leave their homes.

Villagers have also expressed outrage that migrants get instant access to state benefits and housing whilst many families struggle to get by after paying exorbitant rates of tax.  Councillor Michael Ohman said the problems have arisen because the villagers never wanted the refugees to move in: “Racial tension has divided the village into two groups – those who support the immigrants and those who want them gone. There has been fighting between immigrants and the people living here. The village integration works badly because people don’t want immigrants in the village. This is no longer a happy community, it’s divided and is not a pleasant place to live.”

This video points out that the Muslims who are already in Sweden not only have not assimilated, they’ve created 55 no-go zones in the country, overrun by organized crime and drug dealing, where police officers frequently are attacked when they try to enter.

Sweden is at the heart of Europe’s migrant crisis, with 10,000 asylum seekers arriving every week in the sparsely populated Scandinavian country of 10 million. 

Although the Swedish government recently reintroduced border controls to stem the flow (see DCG’s post, “Sweden slams shut its open door policy toward refugees“), that does not mean Sweden will no longer accept “refugees”. Instead, Sweden would revert to the “EU minimum,” meaning that most refugees would receive only temporary residence permits. Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven said identity checks would be imposed on all modes of transport, and the right to bring families to Sweden would be severely restricted.

As a result, the average number of asylum seekers has fallen from 1,507 per day to 1,222, according to Sweden’s immigration officials.

Calais, France

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is urging France to deploy its army to its border town of Calais, so as to ensure the safety of truck drivers who travel through Calais to Britain.

Migrants attempt to get on truck in Calais (AFP/Getty Images)

Migrants attempt to get on truck in Calais (AFP/Getty Images)

Calais is a town and ferry port in northern France. Overlooking the Strait of Dover, the narrowest point in the English Channel at only 34 km (21 mi) wide, Calais is the closest French town to England. Calais is a major port for ferries between France and England, and since 1994, the Channel Tunnel has linked nearby Coquelles to Folkestone by rail.


Sam de Voogt reports for the Dutch-language BRN News that in a press release on Dec. 15, 2015, Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN) is calling on France to deploy its army to ensure the “constitutional right to safety” of truck drivers who travel through Calais to Britain. 

TLN chairman Arthur van Dijk said refugee aggression against truck drivers is “the order of the day” and that “Drivers are literally threatened with baseball bats; stones are thrown, even tear gas and pepper spray are used.” All of which has taken a psychological toll on truck drivers, who increasingly will no longer provide transportation to England.

The Netherlands’ ruling party, VVD or National Party for Freedom and Democracy, supports TLN’s call. VVD parliamentarian Barbara Visser said that the refugee camp at Calais is illegal and that “If the camp were not there, you would not have this inconvenience.” Visser wants the refugees who attack truckers to be arrested and expelled.

Refugee camp in Calais

Refugee camp in Calais

TLN writes: “If the French asylum and immigration laws are complied with, then the camp would not be there. Aggression by refugees has increased since security measures have been tightened around the Channel crossing. Initially, asylum-seekers tried to hide in trucks, hoping to be sneak into Britain. Since the French and British governments took action by installing fences and stepping up controls, the migrants’ frustration has increased because they see their chances to cross the Channel into Britain dwindle. Increasingly, they cause damage and delay for transport.”

Van Dijk said that because of the chaos at the Channel crossing, “the world is upside down” because even legitimate drivers are “treated as a criminal. He goes through four or five different checkpoints.” Van Dijk said the mayor of Calais had also asked the French government to deploy its army to Calais because “they just really have problems to hold against throngs of refugees.”

Here’s a video showing streams of male “refugees” harassing truckers on a highway in Calais (h/t DCG’s post, “Angry Truck Driver versus Migrants at Calais“):

Meanwhile, in the United States, ignoring public sentiments, Evangelical leaders use “Jesus was a refugee” to lobby Congress, while 1,216 rabbis signed a letter to lobby Congress to welcome ‘refugees’.

Their efforts evidently are successful.

Breitbart is reporting that GOP leaders have struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders that FULLY FUNDS Obama’s Syrian Refugee program in the omnibus spending bill, never mind the fact that the FBI has admitted we don’t have the data base to properly vet the “refugees”.

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