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Reflections of Two Garden Bloggers

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

So we have been blogging for four years, amazing how time flies! Four years of sharing our passion for plants and plant related adventures both in and out of our garden.

Reflections of Two Garden Bloggers

As we were sat down a couple of days ago and found ourselves reminiscing the things we got up to with regards to garden blogging over the past four years two main thoughts sprouted:

We rarely, if ever answer on our blog the questions that are often asked us by those who visit our garden in person as well as people we meet in person.

And that we rarely, and again if ever talk about the blog itself.

As soon as those two thoughts came up we also asked ourselves why we never did. The answer: they are a lot more complicated to discuss than meets the eye.

Then a follow up idea came up: Why don't we at least try?

Okay so that's the idea now, we will but in trickles...

Now going back to the two main ideas, first the questions. There are several questions that are asked us over and over again, same sort of questions that may vary in theme but the gists are the same. Some are a bit more unique to us whilst some I can imagine other garden bloggers can relate to. The ones that immediately stood out for us and will try to answer on future blog posts are:

Will you ever move homes and change gardens?

Any thoughts or plans about moving abroad?

Any plans to get into professional horticulture and make a living out of it?

What are your thoughts about social media and privacy?

Reflections of Two Garden Bloggers

So many questions, not always easy to answer...

For the second idea, as much as we opted not to before we thought it might be fun to start doing so now: to every so often blog about the blog itself. We'll share some insight into how we run our blog as well as tidbits and stories as to how some blog posts came to be. We'll also share some of the fascinating stories, gossip, and adventures (and misadventures) we've had over the past few years as we immersed ourselves into this wonderful thing called blogging. 
Reflections of Two Garden Bloggers

Come to think of it, it's amazing how many things never did make it to our blog for one reason or another, funny and wonderful stories that would be great to share now, even if just hints a few years after the event. There are some things too however that we simply can only witness but cannot blog about. There are taboo subjects in the world of gardening too believe it or not. Confidence and retaining trust from the people we interact with are still of utmost importance. But if we're feeling adventurous we might occasionally dip into those subjects and drop hints without causing ripples (only tiny ones perhaps). Blog about the Blog, that's how we'll call them.

Fellow garden bloggers, can you relate?

Now when should we start, hmmmm....

Mark and Gaz :-)

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