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Reflections of May

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

It has been very hectic here at our house and it looks like May will be very busy with SAT’s, prom, a graduation, my daughters role in the spring musical – Grease, high school finals, college finals, my youngest taking his driving exam, and our second child preparing for college.  It’s just go go go, with excitement, anticipation, and just a “wee bit” of stress.
Reflections of May
It seems as if it were just yesterday that I was changing diapers and going to pre-school recitals.  I remember my husband teaching our son to ride a bike, and now I’m teaching him to drive a car.   I remember teaching them to read, and now I can’t even help them with math, lol.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come in these short years; I can’t believe how far I’ve come — as a mom and a person.  I wonder sometimes if parenting would have been less stressful if I had “found my Zen” way back then.  Would I have done things differently?  Worried less?  Thrown away the parenting books — or not purchased any at all?  I might have had less “mini-breakdowns” when my girls were going through their tween years and constantly bickering with each other and me.

Well, I guess who knows, right?  I am very happy with the way my kids turned out, strong individually, able to stand on their own, smart, happy, compassionate, loving, and independent.  So I guess I did something right!   I’ve always said that we never stop learning, and that when we raise our kids — we are also raising ourselves.  I’m amazed at the things I’ve learned over the last 2 decades — about raising kids and about myself.

Now that my kids are grown, the best advice I could offer to parents is:  The most

Reflections of May
important investment we can make in ourselves and our children is our time.  Regardless of social status, income, or habitat — spending time, teaching, and loving ourselves and our kids is the most important gift we can give.  Being there for their milestones, cheering at their school events, standing for photos when they are dressed up for dances, and holding onto the back of the bike as they peddle without training wheels… it’s all about time. Enjoy them, let them be themselves, teach them, laugh with them, and let them fly.  And one day they will fly… they will leave home and become the people they have worked so hard to be.  It might feel bitter-sweet — but it will be soooo beautiful.


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