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Redundancies I Love to Hate

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
Sometimes we say something that is redundant without even thinking about what we said. I catch myself doing it and I cringe. Here are some the ones that really get under my skin.
Hot water heater... It's just a water heater. We wouldn't need to heat hot water... it's already hot!
Spoiled rotten... Well, I haven't heard of anything that is spoiled fresh.
Future Plans... Uh-huh, and when you're done making those you can help me make some past plans. Okay?
Unsolved Mysteries... If they were solved, they wouldn't be mysteries anymore, now would they?
On that line of thinking... A secret that no one knows... if someone knew it, it wouldn't be a freaking secret. The whole idea of secrets is that NO ONE KNOWS!
Hot Lava... I sure the heck hope so! If it were cold lava, it would be rocks... and wouldn't be lava anymore either.
Neutered Male... How many neutered females do you know?
Tuna Fish... as compared to tuna cats? You don't need to say fish. Tuna implies that it's fish. Never have I asked for a tuna sandwich and gotten the reply "the fish or the boat?" And why do we say that for tuna? We don't order mahi mahi fish, halibut fish or a bacon pig cheese dairy burger cow.

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