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Redondo Beach – USA Vs. Belgium

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Ohh… USA!  As you may have seen in my Rock Your Jersey with Style post, I didn’t predict USA passing the first round. I am so glad they proved me wrong, but I am heartbroken they lost yesterday.

The U.S. went out of the World Cup with a 2-1 loss to Belgium. An all-out defensive effort wasn’t enough to deny the Belgians, who dominated, but finally broke through with two after the end of regulation.

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I attended the viewing party hosted by the LA Galaxy in Redondo Beach at Veteran’s Park. As a Latina, I expected more passion from the fans. The only time I truly heard everyone cheer was during the goal (video below), but other than that, it was pretty much silent. Sometimes small groups, like ourselves, would chant, but no one would really join.

What was also disappointing, was that as soon as Belgium made the first goal, more than half of the “fans” left. If you have watched the games, or are familiar with soccer, you would know that the game can change at any given time (Ex: Mexico). Although it didn’t this time around, I was happy to see USA exceed my expectations.

Nevertheless, in some odd way, I feel this is all new. I guess most people wouldn’t cheer because they don’t know what to say, which is understandable. However, as more of these events continue to happen, I know we will be looking at one of the best crowds out there; we already see it with football fans. So, I would like to thank LA Galaxy, for putting these awesome events because it brings us together, and demonstrates that United We Stand! 

Where did you watch the game? At this point, who do you think will be the Wold Cup Winners?

Redondo Beach – USA vs. Belgium
USA vs. Belgium

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