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Red Sox Beat Yankees, 4-4

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
I know Spring Training counts for very little, and I don't talk about it much here on the blog.
I was forced to check out Red Sox-Yankees on the YES Network last night, as it was blacked out on ESPN. I would have loved to have had that feed, as Terry Francona was doing his first game in the booth with his ex-club.
YES showed him a couple of times in the booth. I had no idea what they were saying, as I had the TV on mute. (I refuse to listen to any game that includes Michael Kay in the broadcast booth. But midway through the game I discovered the Yankee Shill was not part of the broadcast and that Kenny Singleton and John Flaherty, both I find rather tolerable, were doing it. But I still kept the TV on mute and listened to music on my iPod dock while the game was on.)
The Red Sox came from 4-0 down to score three runs in the 8th and tied it in the 9th on a suicide squeeze by Jason Repko. (Have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of that this season.) But after the third out was made, Joe Girardi pulled the plug on the game, as he used the excuse he had run out of pitching. Despite the fact he still had pitchers available on the bench. (Singleton said after it was over that he thought Girardi wanted to get back to Tampa early because New York had a game early on Friday afternoon. I'm betting he's right on that. And yes, I did turn on the sound when the game concluded.)
Bobby Valentine wasn't terribly happy that the game ended after nine innings, as he had a pitcher throwing in the bullpen to bring in. The fans booed the decision, too.
Dustin Pedroia was hit on the arm with a pitch in third inning and Valentine pulled him out for precautionary reasons, and also because it was a meaningless exhibition game. X-rays were negative and he will play next on Saturday.
And Bobby Jenks (remember him?) was arrested this morning on five counts, including DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. He's been a terrific free agent signing, eh?

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