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RecycOil Takes Old Fryer Oil and Makes Biodiesel

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

RecycOil Takes Old Fryer Oil and Makes BiodieselThe idea of waste as fuel or nutrients for another purpose is a fundamental process in nature. Taking a substance that is considered waste and refining, recycling, or repurposing it is nature’s forte. Biomimicry and Cradle to Cradle design try to accomplish this goal albeit on a human scale.

In the Rocky Mountain region, recycOil LLC takes used cooking oil from numerous establishments and recycles it into biofuel. According to their website, “recycOil LLC ensures that its customers minimize their liability and risk associated with waste disposal and regulatory compliance, all while . . . contributing to the vital sustainability solutions that enhance our region’s economic, environmental and energy security.”

The company is “developing regional networks of biorefining and organic waste up-cycling facilities, including the Colorado bioXchange™ facility in Fort Morgan, Colorado. This integrated bio-refinery is likely to be among the most advanced in low-carbon and low-water biofuel production.” On numerous occasions throughout their website, recycOil touts the energy security aspect of their product. Finding a renewable source of energy that can be domestically produced will be key to both security and sustainability. However, if the oil comes from poorly managed sources (such as plantations that cleared indigenous species to harvest resources like palm oil), then this falls short.

Products and services like recycOil and their biofuels present a wonderful way to close the loop and turn what was considered a waste product into a fuel source. Without sustainable production of the cooking oil prior to use and eventual disposal, the whole process negates some of the beneficial aspects of recycled oil. Also, imported cooking oil just substitutes one imported oil (crude) for another (peanuts and canola for instance).

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