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Recovery Tips for Dental Implant Surgery

By Allyson3james


For the candidate who is fit for the procedure of dental implant, this procedure is one of the most effective options for tooth replacement. With the help of fusing with the jawbone, the implants can easily restore the complete structure of a missing tooth right down close to the roots that simply strengthen the bone tissues in the surrounding along with getting the natural strength for attached restorations. This procedure of bone fusion is also known as Osseointegration and it vital for dental implants. Hence the patients have to follow certain measured steps in order to get quicker and healthy recovery should be carried out before the implants are used with the trust. In order to help the patients of dental implants, the following tips can help them for their quicker recovery. Let’s check them out:


Post-Surgical Side Effects

Just after the dental implants are installed, you can certainly experience the common side effects of the surgery. Like you can experience bruising, swelling and even bleeding in your first few days, while the latter of which would continue to worsen till you reach at the third or fourth day. Though these would collapse on their own, you can do a couple of things in order to reduce the effects of the procedure. To reduce bleeding you can press a gauze pad over the area with a light pressure. This can easily control the bleeding till it slowly ceases in the first 24 hours. For constant bleeding you can try using moistened tea bag like tannic acid over the tea that can help in forming the blood clot soon. You can also try ice pack to soothe the cheek and jaw.

Dietary Guidelines


As soon as the dental implants are installed, they would require some time to heal with the surrounding bone tissue and gum. At the outset, any movement around the implants can disturb the procedure hence you are supposed to be conscious about the movement you have while eating the food as it can hamper the implants. In the initial few days of recovery, you should go with soft food or liquid diet. These include noodles, oatmeal, soft cooked veggie, rice soup, fish, eggs, etc. Avoid anything crunchy and hard in your initial days. After the first week, you can start things gradually and thus include more food items in your diet; however, you need to be conscious while eating. Do not chew food using the opposite side of your mouth. Keeping your implants away from any kind of stress, the healing would be faster and easier.

Dietary Guidelines Dietary Guidelines

For this you do not require adding any special hygiene regimen over your implant recovery, but you are supposed to be extra vigilant about your habits pertaining to brushing and flossing. Whenever the implants fail, it is often due to the infection or disease that has developed around the installed implants over your gum that can hamper your healing process. Thus, it is really important that your teeth or gums must be kept healthy. Make sure you brush and floss in a gentle fashion around the implants, but make sure you do it regularly and thoroughly.

Additional Tips

Apart from adhering to the above tips and tricks, make sure you also check out a couple of additional tips, which are as under:

• Refrain from tobacco use: Avoid any kind of tobacco use (smoke or chewing) as it can affect the recovery process.

• Avoid alcohol: Alcohol can even hamper the body’s ability to recover and thus can have negative impact on your body.

• Rinse with mouthwash: Apart from your regular hygiene, make sure you carry out a proper mouthwash as well as it helps in keeping your mouth free from disease.

• Take Rest: Having plenty of rest in your initial days after the surgery can help you in getting quicker and easier recovery.

Final Words

These tips can help you in getting quicker and faster recovery after having the dental implant surgery. However, if you find no or slow recovery after the procedure, better consult your dental surgery immediately for getting the appropriate care.

Recovery Tips for Dental Implant Surgery

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