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By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Recently Loving ...
Playing, read procrastinating, on Stylight
For those of you who are struggling to get through the week, let me present you to your new best friend for procrastinating, STYLIGHT, where you will happily be able to spend hours flicking through the content. I feel like its a bit more grown-up version of polyvore, you can heart the items you like, create individual looks with them, see what other bloggers are wearing and create your own looks with items that you have 'hearted'. Plus the prices are in English, bonus, no more guessing roughly how much something costs and the whole thing is super simple to use. 
Currently I'm creating a look for a winter party and a more casual everyday one, and you'll know if you read my blog often that I love nothing more than creating a good wish list so this site is absolutely perfect for me! Also its even got me wishing for summer again as, though I say all the time that I hate it, that floral headband is SO pretty but not exactly winter appropriate :(!
Only bad thing, I know my pocket will be feeling rather empty after spending more time on here! 
Do you use this site, what do you think of it? 

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