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Recent Streaming Favorites

Posted on the 25 May 2021 by Cheekymeeky

I had a pretty varied viewing list this past few months. Boredom and being cooped up at home prompted me to be more daring and diverse in my viewing choices. Most of my favorite shows and movies won't be in any popular top ten list. No, I haven't seen The Queen's Gambit or Bridgerton yet, nor am I too interested in them. So, with that stated, let's start with my recent streaming favorites.

High Seas (Netflix)

Recent Streaming FavoritesHigh Seas

High Seas is another Spanish show created along the same lines as Grand Hotel ( the show I fell in love with last year). It has the same themes - forbidden love, murder, historical time period (set in post World War 2 1940s). It's not as good as Grand Hotel, but still very watchable. It worked especially well for me as I am learning Spanish and actively looking for shows and movies to watch to improve my language skills.

Who Killed Sara? (Netflix)

Recent Streaming Favorites
Who Killed Sara?

Yes, yet another Spanish show (but set in Mexico). I think these Spanish shows hit the mark when it comes to watchability. Sometimes the plot twists don't make any sense, but they are so fast-paced and the leads are so charismatic that I end up watching binge-watching late into the night.

I am now currently mid-way through the second season, and still have no idea who may have killed Sara. Somehow, that's not so important either, I am just enjoying seeing all these charismatic actors chase their tails trying to find out the killer.

The Serpent (Netflix)

Recent Streaming Favorites
The Serpent

The Serpent is a limited series BBC show covering the real-life serial killer Charles Sobhraj and the attempt to capture him. It starts off a little slowly, but by the third episode, I was utterly riveted. I loved the 70s style and glam, the drugs, sex, and rock and roll. But the enigmatic Charles and his sidekicks really steal the show. It really felt like I was watching a serpent(s). They were all so scary and unpredictable!

Highly, highly recommend this show!

The Cuba Libre Story (Netflix)

Recent Streaming Favorites
The Cuba Libre Story

Seriously, the Netflix algorithm really works very well for me. I am usually not into documentaries, but for some reason this was recommended to me, and I ended up watching it with great interest.

Basically, it's the story of how Cuba achieved its independence, but then fell under one dictatorship after the other in the past century.

It's about ten episodes, and I really loved the balanced coverage (no playing up Castro or the Americans), just an honest recounting of what happened. If you are a fan of history, you will absolutely love this show - filled with actual footage, and interviews with people who lived the experience.

The Undoing (Hotstar in India, HBO elsewhere)

Recent Streaming Favorites
The Undoing

The Undoing has a glittery starcast - Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, and Donald Sutherland. And they are all at their charismatic best in this domestic whodunnit. Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are a glamorous upper class couple living their best lives in New York, but it all starts to unravel pretty spectacularly. If you liked Big Little Lies, you will probably like The Undoing as well.

Behind her Eyes (Netflix)

Recent Streaming Favorites
Behind her Eyes

I primarily watched Behind her Eyes because I really enjoyed watching its star Eve Hewson in The Luminaries. Behind her Eyes is a limited edition series that is billed as a psychological thriller. It's also based on a book by Sarah Pinborough (never heard of the book before but it's now on my TBR).

Behind her Eyes starts off as a love triangle between a man who is torn between his wife and new girlfriend. But by the third episode, it gets spooky, and eventually ends with an ending so unpredictable and startling, I guarantee you won't see it coming!

Allen vs Farrow (Hotstar in India, HBO elsewhere)

Recent Streaming Favorites
Allen vs Farrow

I saw a lot of online discussions about this documentary and Allen's possible sexual abuse of Mia's daughter. I wasn't too interested because in my mind he's always been guilty - if not of actual sexual abuse, then of grooming an underage girl.

But there were so many vehement discussions around whether he did/did not. And so many people quoting bits from the documentary that I decided I needed to watch it.

Well, it didn't change my mind. I still think he's a creep and I am glad that Dylan got to say her piece via this documentary.

I would have preferred it if Woody and Soon-Yi were also able to counter the narrative. But it was their choice not to, so too bad if they feel bad about how the show came out 😉.

The Woman in the Window (Netflix)

Recent Streaming Favorites
The Woman in the Window

This is the only movie I have on my list (just showing the quality of shows vs the quality of movies currently). It's based on the book - The Woman in the Window. I wasn't too impressed with the book. It was fairly predictable and somewhat dull. The movie is also along the same lines - but it was livened up somewhat by the presence of the luminous Julianne Moore in an unfortunately too short cameo.

Still, if you liked the book, the movie is worth a watch.

So, these were what I have been watching the past 6 months or so. Looking at this long list, I realized I have probably been watching more shows than reading books. Ouch! But I'm not being too hard on myself for that. It's a pandemic after all! What have you been watching recently? Anything you'd recommend me?

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