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Recent “Green” Developments in Japan

Posted on the 20 December 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Recent “Green” Developments in JapanFrom Japan for Sustainability come two quick news tidbits of note. First, a group of researchers at Chubu University has been developing superconducting wires that can minimize electricity loss in the transmission process. “In 2010, the group successfully completed the world’s first experiment aimed at sending direct current electricity through a 200-meter-long transmission line using superconductors.” This would come in handy in moving electricity generated from renewable sources – often plentiful in rural or non-population centers – to the major cities that need the electricity. The team is currently working on a project slated for the Sahara Desert. According to the team, “it would be theoretically possible to generate enough electricity to meet the world’s current energy needs if photovoltaic panels were installed in four percent of the world’s deserts.”

The other piece of news comes from Coca-Cola, a company with a huge commercial presence in Japan. They have made several green moves here, including introducing a partially plant based PET bottle (check back tomorrow for more on plant-based bottles). More impressively, Coca-Cola Japan Co’s 2011 Sustainability Report mentions that the company reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 420,000 tons from its 2004 output (chart below). 

The total CO2 emissions reduced by the Coca-Cola System far exceeded its target of about 360,000 tons compared to 2004 levels by 2010, with emissions reduced in all business processes including manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and office operations. Innovations in distribution contributed the most to such a large reduction. Having shifted to a supply chain management (SCM) system in 2009, the distribution division reviewed manufacturing and distribution flows and streamlined shipping routes, thus achieving a CO2 reduction of about 70,000 tons.

Aside from being a smart PR move, initiatives like Coca-Cola’s eventually positively impact the bottom line, the true proof of the benefits of going green.

Recent “Green” Developments in Japan



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