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Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

By Datewithcleo @datewcleo

It has been a little over two weeks since Cleo’s Sexy Singles Soiree held at XIV Terrace on Sunset, and I figured you all deserved a detailed report of what occurred.

First of all, look how pretty my friends and I are!

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

Guests arrived in style and were greeted by two bouncers that promptly remarked, “None of the girls coming are a 10, huh? They are all at least 10-and-a-half.”

A red carpet lined the walkway where my stud-of-a-photographer captured sexy with each snapshot.

Lucky ladies that arrived early received the opportunity to get their makeup done by celebrity makeup artist, Jennifer of Hello Doll Makeup.

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

I definitely looked like a Goddess.

Next, my sexy team cross checked all attendees with the guest list. Here, everyone also received more information about Cleo and our charity of the evening, Operation USA. The CEO of the charity even came by the event to support!

Following check-in, guests strutted along the wooden boardwalk to the dance floor where they were blasted by the musical stylings of DJ Tonho all the way from Mexico. Approaching the bar, my speciality Cleo cocktail created by master mixologist, Anthony Greco, was devoured by most everyone smart enough to try it. My favorite!

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

As good drinks, music, and energy began to set in, the dancing and mingling was impossible to control.

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

Feedback about the event from numerous men and women was that numbers were exchanged and new dating prospects were discovered! I myself even had my man-horizons broadened ;). Success.

We all had a great time and I could not have asked for better energy or a crowd of higher caliber. Thank you to all that attended and showed Cleo some support!

I am in the process of planning a smaller, more intimate holiday mixer in mid-December, so stay tuned! I hope Jesus comes to my next event…

Recap of Cleo’s First Singles Event

**To see all the pictures from the event, click here. **

Mucho amor,


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