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Real Travel Experiences

By Vikasacharya
February 1, 2017

Real Travel Experiences

Real Travel ExperiencesThe Snow Melts Somewhere

I recently read a great post by Alison from Adventures in Wonderland. She writes about things as they are, not embellishing travel moments at all. Still, her overall style is always upbeat and polite, even when she talks about adversities or destinations she didn’t care for that much due to reasons she then goes on to explain.

My blogging philosophy had been based on steering clear of offending anyone, not wanting to stir up trouble or start any heated debates, and just keeping this blog a happy place. So that makes me hesitant to write about any negative travel experiences.

I also know that the places I didn’t like are surely someone else’s favorite – or even their hometown. Experiences, interpretations and feelings about a destination are very personal, subjective, and arbitrary, after all.

Real Travel Experiences
From walking around in Stockholm, Sweden one day

But… Alison inspired me to look at…

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