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Real Mom Street Style – Francesca

By Reasonstodress

Why She Dressed

I have no idea where she was going, but it doesn’t matter, Francesca has great style all the time.  I’ve seen her three times in the last two weeks (but I only took her picture twice, to try to avoid the creepy blogger vibe) and each time she was impeccably dressed.


Real Mom Street Style urban code faux fur sweater real mom street style Modena Italy

I first noticed Francesca walking along the bike path that surrounds Modena’s downtown centre.  She was with her daughter (also beautiful! I guess the nice looking apple doesn’t fall far from the nice looking tree), and they were strolling along, arm holding.

I wouldn’t quite say that I thought they were sisters,  but I would have guessed friends!

Francesca does NOT look old enough to be this girl’s mom!


What She Wore

Look at how cool she dresses! The first time I saw her she was wearing skinny jeans, a big onxy and bone belt, Dr. Marten’s and an AMAZING faux fur, tri-coloured vest.  I tracked down her faux fur gilet here for $546, it’s by London brand urbancode.

real mom street style – francesca

If you love urbancode but don’t love that price check out this urbancode coat that I found here for only $121 marked down from $233…. oops sorry I think it’s sold out now, but you can create a wishlist that tell you the next time they have this brand in stock.

Urbancode faux fur coat


A stylish woman mom walking in Modena, Italy wearing a blue white and black faux fur vest gilet by London brand urban code

Francesca was so flattered and shocked when I asked if I could take her picture for the blog. She thought I wanted to photograph her daughter (also so stylish), but I was much more smitten with this mom’s good taste.

Talk about inspiration.  Not only do I want to look like her when I am in my prime adulthood, but I want to dress like her now!


Reasonstodress street style

A few days later I ran into her again and she was wearing a leopard print faux fur hat, leather pants a black puffer jacket and a great obi tied belt.  This woman can accessorize! Real Mom Street Style

Women like Francesca give me a whole new level of inspiration.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting on in my years and embracing aging with grace.

I think there is a certain skill in choosing the right clothes to remain stylish without trying to look like a teenager.  Crop tops are a no (until AT LEAST next Spring!), but Dr. Marten’s?  Dr. Marten’s are a YES!

Comfortable, practical and so cool!

What do you think of Francesca’s style?


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